Sunday Worship (May 30)

This week, we continue to walk through 1 Corinthians together. In the spirit of seeking to create some interaction with each other, Dave will lead us in some virtual interaction. The interaction will take place in a couple of ways

  1. Within the video, Dave will take some time to introduce and reflect on the passage. After that, you will be asked to pause the video and reflect on the prepared questions (below). Do that on your own or in a family group, etc.
  2. After the video is done, take a moment to record (video or audio) a 1-2 minute snippet. This is a reflection on the passage: something that grabbed you, a question you have, what you liked, themes that emerged from your group conversation, etc. Send that recording to Again, it can be video or audio and we will start next week’s video by playing some of those reflections and even interacting with them.

Before you begin the video, grab a pen/paper and your Bible.