Exploring Culture & Faith (online study)

(Artwork entitled “All” by Pat Penner)


Near the end of John’s gospel, Jesus prays that his followers would be unified – would be one, as Jesus and God the Father are one. It’s a beautiful hope for not only the church but all of humanity. Yet, with the passing of time, our divisions only seem to be more and more cemented. Why can a topic or issue be so significant for one group of people/generation and yet, the next group/generation sees it as of little consequence? Why can we all be reading the same book (Bible) and come to such different conclusions?

The goal of this study is, within our diversity, to listen to each other talk about what’s of first importance when it comes to living as a faithful witness to Christ. We do so in order to:

  • Hear each other so as to foster understanding and unity within the church
  • Understand how the church is always interpreting faith through a shifting culture that is shaping our identities
  • Ask if there are non-negotiables for the church. Do we agree on those non-negotiables?
  • Discuss what it looks like to bear witness to Christ in this age.


Four presenters from different generations, social-economic backgrounds, traditions, etc will respond to a set of questions concerning their own faith journey as an individual and as part of the larger church community (20-30 min). As you listen, you take note of ideas/comments/thoughts that resonate with you or that create tension in you. Why do you want to agree with a person on some things but disagree with (even correct) them on others?

There will be a time of response and conversation afterward each presentation. 


Begins Thursday May 13, 7:00pm (via Zoom). This will be the introductory session. The study will run for 5 weeks (until June 10). Connect with Dave if you would like to sign-up