It’s Not About Us And Them

I thought for a long time this morning to come up with a story that told of someone in the 188 community whose life had been changed by the work being done there. The only person that really stands out for me is me.

The weeks we spent on talking about community and what that looks like were significant for me. I personally have never felt safe in community. There were many discussions on respect and non-judgement. I feel that 188 has become a place where people are not afraid to discuss their questions about God and their beliefs. The conversations never fail to be insightful. I never walk away without having something to think about in my own life. I often walk away thinking that the 188 community understands life a lot better than I do.

Recently we talked about how members of the 188 community are better able to give away possessions than many others of us from Eastview are. That they do not have the same attachment to things. It challenges me to think about that in my own life. There was a young man at 188 who had made a decision to give away all his things and try living on the street. I have thought of that often. How will I know if I have faith that God will provide for me if I have always had all the earthly possessions that I need. How does a person learn what is really important to have unless they have to start from nothing. How much energy do I spend just to protect the things I own.

For me it has not been about how much I can help the 188 community, it has been about how much the 188 community challenges me to learn and grow. It is not always pretty, and it can be uncomfortable at times, but somehow it feels like real life to me.

Submitted by Janine