Sunday Re-start (Oct 10)

OCT 10, 2021 UPDATE

The new provincial restrictions mean that we can have 40 people per floor at One88 on Sunday morning @ 10:30am. There will be a live feed of the service on the main floor. Regardless of vaccination status, you are welcome to attend and will be directed either to the upper or main floor depending on number of people present.

As in the past, we are all required to wear masks (available at the door) and follow the guidelines of social distancing. Contact info will be taken at the door in case there is need to follow-up. All volunteers and staff are fully vaccinated.

SEPT 12, 2021 UPDATE

We are looking forward to restarting in-person Sunday services on Sept 12, 10:30am. There are no limits on the number of people who can attend. However, all people are required to wear masks when entering & walking around during the service (masks available). Contact info will be taken at the door in case there is need to follow-up.

We have opportunities for people to volunteer on Sunday mornings. These vary from practical tasks to being part of the worship service:

  • Hospitality at front door: greeting, handing out masks, spraying hands
  • Serving Coffee
  • Helping setup & clean tables
  • Provide music to lead us in worship
  • Share a testimony

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please connect with Dave by following this link

An online viewing option will be available. At this point, it will be a Zoom link but more information will come on that in the near future.