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One88 is a deliberate, conversational church community that seeks to love others, proclaim hope in Christ, and help each other discover purpose in life. It is idealistic enough to believe that the faith community can be a rich, demographically diverse community that worships, serves, and journeys together. You’re welcome to join us to talk about and experience what that means in the exchange district of Winnipeg.

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Christmas Gifts of Charity Campaign

One88 has remained open throughout the pandemic, welcoming community members, when they often had nowhere else to go. We have sought out Government funding to remain open and viable to our Community, but these requests have so far not been successful. All of this contributes to our need to seek out additional funding from our respected donor community. Rather than simply ask for donations, this year, we have developed a list of 'gifts of charity' that you can designate to family and friends this Christmas.

Anyone purchasing gifts in this campaign will receive tax receipts for their purchases and gift certificates if designated and requested.

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